8 Useful Puppy Tips For First-Time Dog Owners

Do you already have a puppy at home? If that’s the case then congratulations. We all love puppies. They’re so adorable you want to carry them all the time. But they can also be very difficult to handle compared to adult dogs. So, if it’s your first time bringing a puppy into your home, the following tips and tricks will come in handy for you:

Puppy-proof Your Home In Advance

You have to prepare your home for the new arrival. This includes keeping dangerous things like razors, cotton balls, cleaning supplies, perfumes, electrical cables and cords that may harm your little companion securely locked. Also, keep the trash can closed tightly and securely or hide it where he won’t be able to find it. Any smelly clothes thrown all over that he might want to play with (and probably destroy through chewing) should be picked up and placed in a secure place.
It’s also a good idea to put child-proof latches on your closets and cupboards to prevent him from accessing these areas. Last but not least, remember to keep the lid of your toilet down at all times because if you don’t, your adorable puppy may drown when you least expect it.

Bringing Your Puppy Home

It’s a good idea to take him for a walk first to tire him out before heading home.


Introduce the new addition to the rest of your family while still on a leash to mark your territory. Let everyone remain calm while you do the introduction. However, make sure you remove the leash when you introduce him to his bed. This is to show him that the spot is his.


Stick To A Regular Schedule

Set a clear, regular schedule for your little dog and stick to it. This includes playtime, going for walks, feeding and potty time among others. Remember that he’s just learning the rules for the first time, so be clear and consistent so as not to confuse him.


If your puppy does something he shouldn’t have, correct him instantly, says expert from https://www.art-dogs.com. Don’t wait until later to discipline him for something he did wrong earlier because he won’t know why you’re punishing him. Doing so will only confuse him further.

Mouthing and Biting

Since you already know that puppies love using their mouths during play, it’s your responsibility to teach yours what’s appropriate with regards to biting and mouthing. That means encouraging and praising him when he plays gently, and stopping the game when he starts biting people. Have a chewy treat or toy handy to give him to bite instead of biting people.


Your Puppy’s Health

If you don’t have a trusted vet yet, look for one right away for your little companion. In addition, you should think about investing in canine health insurance while your dog is still young to make it easier for you to keep him in good health. This will help you cover things like routine visits to the vet, surgery costs, vaccinations etc.

Be Patient And Consistent

Lastly, don’t lose your cool when your pup does something you’ve taught him not to do. Instead, stay calm and be consistent in enforcing the rules until he learns what’s right and what’s wrong. I hope with the above tips, handling the new addition to your family will be much easier for you and your family.